Hands On Learning

In order for someone to learn and retain information, they must be fully engaged. Our program is not one where you can sit back and watch. Our students- young, old, and in between- learn in a hands on manner, ensuring that their financial IQ will continue to grow throughout the program.

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A State of Emergency

Our public schools are in a state of emergency. More and more students are becoming dissatisfied with the traditional education system and are dropping out. These students ofter turn to a life of crime to support themselves, ultimately stuck in a continuous cycle of poverty and incarceration

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An Alternative Path

Our program offers students an alternative path. Building upon the basic knowledge gleaned in the classroom, our program utilizes a cross- curriculum approach to teach financial literacy. Students gain practical knowledge that they can in turn use to end their family’s cycle of poverty using legal means

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Our Mission

The mission of Infinite Education Services, Inc. is to provide disadvantaged youth and struggling adults with a usable financial education. Our goal is to help families end the cycle of poverty that is caused by a lack of financial knowledge.

Next Steps…

Would you like to see this program implemented in your school, foster care home, or church? Don’t hesitate to give us a call or send an email.