Our Approach

Infinite Education prefers a hands on teaching method. Each lesson requires the student to perform tasks that build upon previously learned information. Student are called upon to perform financial calculations and make informed decisions during every session. We feel that students should be a part of the lesson rather than a spectator. This will raise their level of self confidence, leading to better decision making in and out of the classroom.

Our Story

Our core team is made up of educators who know first hand that our schools are lacking a key component- a financial literacy curriculum. After years of debate, the team stepped up to meet the challenge and fill the void, and Infinite Education Services, Inc., was born.

Meet the Team

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Vincent Wade

Curriculum Advisor

With over a decade of experience in education, Vincent Wade knows exactly how to get people to believe in themselves and accomplish extraordinary feats because of these beliefs. He speaks the language of mathematics fluently and can break down complex scenarios into lessons even elementary students can understand.

Charles Hill

Founder and CEO

Prior to entering the education field, Hill invested in real estate and was a loan officer. His passion for mentoring youth on how to have their own businesses and investing lead him to become a teacher. Realizing that he could be even more beneficial outside of the classroom, Hill joined the IES team.

Next Steps…

Would you like to see this program implemented in your school, foster care home, or church? Don’t hesitate to give us a call or send an email.