School Based Curriculum

A two semester curriculum in a after school program/ club setting. Our target groups are economically disadvantaged youth in grades 9 through 12.

Foster Care/ Group Homes

A severely ignored segment of our poplulation are foster care and group home young adults who are nearing the time where they will “age out” of the system. We seek to educate these individuals so they can make a successful transition into a life on their own.

Small group sessions

Designed for parents, families, and churches looking to give their members a financial education that most people are lacking. We invite the entire group to learn infinitely valuable principles that will last for generations

Talking about finances is not Taboo!

At Infinite Education Services we believe that the only way to break the curse of generational poverty is through talking about and learning about finances and how to handle money. Finances should be a part of every family’s casual conversations.

Learning about finances can be Fun!

Our financial literacy curriculum is designed to teach almost effortlessly. Participants learn using practical methods and in a hands on manner. Fears regarding not being good in certain school subjects (such as math, etc) are overcome by embedding the math operation into learning games and everyday activities.

Next Steps…

Would you like to see this program implemented in your school, foster care home, or church? Don’t hesitate to give us a call or send an email.